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At Plus Rehab
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PLUS Rehab in the
Plus Rehab has a range of quality physiotherapy and medical supplies all available to the public at competitive prices. 
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is now open on
SATURDAY mornings

(9am to 12pm)

Come down and see us for your aches, pains,
injuries and sports strappings and rehabilitation!

Nutritional Products for Sale at Plus Rehab

Hastings and Taradale!

Raisey's Original Sports Nutrition 

Hammer Nutrition New Zealand

Please call in to our Hastings or Taradale clinic for all the information 

you need to know about these fantastic nutritional products

along with our supply of quality braces etc!

Introducing Kettlebells!

Plus Rehab Clinics (Hastings and CHB currently) have recently acquired a new tool for rehabilitation:  Kettlebells!

Kettlebells are weighted round objects with handles that can be used for a range of strength and function retraining exercises.

These are great for clients wanting to increase strength, endurance, mobility and retrain for specific activities.

The handles mean that they can be used in a variety of ways to work your entire body. Kettlebells also come in a range of weights.

This is just one of the many tools that clinicians at Plus Rehab have at their disposal to make sure your rehab goes as smoothly as possible.

Neurodynamic News!

On the weekend of 29 October 2011, Richard Ellis, a senior lecturer at AUT, led a workshop titled “Contemporary Neurodynamics: Assessment and Treatment”.

This has been a significant area of interest for Plus Rehab for some years now and we are proud to have sent 9 of our physiotherapists to this course.

So, what is Neurodynamics?

It sounds complicated but really Neurodynamics simply refers to the movement of the nervous system within the body. Our nerves are designed resist many forces and part of its protective mechanism to be able to glide and slide through our body. Nerves need to be able to move over bumps, through muscles and around bones until they reach their destination. An injury to part of your body can cause a change in the sensitivity of the nerve and then its ability to glide and slide. This can cause problems like pain, weakness, altered sensation or loss of co-ordination. 

The course provided current concepts in how to best assess and treat these injuries which often present like a normal joint of soft tissue injury.

If you have a new or nagging injury that isn’t improving the way you would expect, it is possible that your neurodynamics may be compromised.  

An assessment with one of our experienced physiotherapists could be the way to get back on track. 
If your problem is a result of a personal accident or injury you may be covered by ACC. 
We can even help you with the paperwork!

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