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Plus Rehab has a range of quality physiotherapy and medical supplies all available to the public at competitive prices. 
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FAQs - Napier Clinic

Can anybody in the community access the hydrotherapy pool?
People who are referred for hydrotherapy or physiotherapy or are a member of a community group with an arrangement to access the pool are able to use the Plus Rehab pool. Non referred people who cannot access any of the public swimming pools will be given independent access at the discretion of Plus Rehab but are required to follow Plus Rehab supervision and Health and Safety protocols.

What do I need to do to get referred for the pool?
Talk to your health professional, community group leader or doctor. All people accessing the pool will need to have had health clearance, find accessing public facilities difficult, and be accompanied by an appropriate support person.

Are pool classes available?
Community groups such as the arthritis society are encouraged to run and supervise their own small groups by prior arrangement with Plus Rehab.

What will I have to pay?
If you are part of a not for profit Community group such as the arthritis society, or accessing under an independent agreement, you will pay $5.00 per session. If supervised by a paid health professional one on one or in groups, they will be charged for the lease of the pool.

Can I use the pool if I am going to another physiotherapist/ health provider?
There is provision for other physiotherapists to lease and pre book space at the discretion of Plus Rehab management. They are required to enter into a formal agreement with Plus Rehab and supervise their own clients at all times.

Do I need to be supervised?
All clients need to be supervised and must bring a care giver or health professional with them when accessing the pool unless they are a client of Plus Rehab currently undergoing physiotherapy treatment. The supervisor will not be charged but will need to be orientated to Plus Rehab Health and Safety and Emergency procedures and sign an access agreement.

If I have a disability can I use the pool long term?
Generally the pool can only booked for up to 6 weeks at a time. The need to continue will be re evaluated at this time.

Can I continue to access the pool once physiotherapy treatment has finished?
If your Plus Rehab physiotherapist requests ongoing hydrotherapy, you may have access for up to 6 weeks at a charge of $5.00 paid per time under an independent contract. An account will incur extra charges. Refer also above for supervision requirements.

Do I need to share the pool?
Access to the pool does not give you the right to sole use. Please understand others in need may be using the pool with you.

For further information,  email us or call PlusRehab on 06 8350713.

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