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Plus Rehab has a range of quality physiotherapy and medical supplies all available to the public at competitive prices. 
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Warrant of Fitness Assessment:
The Warrant of Fitness (WOF) is a screening tool used by our experienced physiotherapists to highlight any areas of concern with your mobility that may predispose you to an injury or reduced efficiency with movement. Through a series of tests, any imbalances will be highlighted and a programme is developed to regain ‘gliding and sliding’ - a reflection of a healthy neuromuscular system. 

Sports Injury Rehabilitation:
Sports medicine includes injury prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Our specific sports injury rehabilitation aims to provide the athlete with hands on care if indicated to help relieve pain and restore movement at the injured site. A comprehensive rehabilitation programme is then incorporated which takes into account the physical demands of your sport. The focus is then on sport specific strength, stability and fitness in order to get you back to great performance.
Spinal Management:
From an acute lumbar strain, chronic low back conditions, to post operative functional rehabilitation. Physiotherapy can integrate exercises to strengthen and retrain muscles, regain range of movement and regain motor control of key areas through the spine and functional movements.
Exercise Prescription:
Individualised programme of exercises designed for your needs. These are specific physical conditioning programmes aimed at improving overall strength, stability and cardiovascular fitness. This can help improve your health, performance in a sport, or overall functioning in life.
Exercise Rehabilitation:
Injury specific exercise programme’s aimed at restoring you to full function and fitness. The programme will be designed for you by your physiotherapist as part of your rehabilitation. The goals of treatment will be specific to what you want to achieve – optimal function with work, sport, play or daily. 
Joint Mobilisation/Manipulation:
Mobilisation is a manual technique applied by the physiotherapist with varying degrees of pressure to a joint. Benefits of mobilisation can be pain relief, decreased stiffness, reduction in muscle spasm or muscular tightness and a subsequent increase in range of movement.
Manipulation is a technique used at the available end range of a joint where you may often feel and/or hear a crack, click or pop. Benefits of manipulation are increased range of movement, pain relief and decreased stiffness. 
Muscle Imbalance Correction:
Your physiotherapist can assess and identify imbalances in muscular and/or neural, strength and flexibility of your body. These imbalances may be predisposing you to injury in any physical demands you take part in. Correcting these imbalances allows your body to move more efficiently with the least amount of stress and strain. Ideally suited to the motivated client willing to put in effort to make changes for their body. 
Postural Alignment Corrections and Education:
Sometimes positions we adopt whether at work, sport or home can place undue stress on structures in our body resulting in poor posture. This poor posture can lead to aches and pains that may end up disrupting your daily activities. A postural assessment involves analysing your postural alignment and then teaching you how to make changes to correct any abnormalities. Correction may entail the prescription of exercises to either stretch or strengthen various muscles in order for your body to be able to move more efficiently. Ideally suited to the motivated client willing to put in effort to make changes for their body.
This is the procedure of inserting thin needles into various regions of the body. Positive benefits can be pain relief, reduction of tightness or muscular spasm and an increase in range of motion.
Pre/Post Operative Management:
Pre operative management aims to get the patient in the best shape possible prior to surgery. This involves keeping the injured area mobile, strong and keeping the patient fit.
Post operative management can involve exercise rehabilitation and manual therapy to get you back to your daily activities, work, sports and hobbies.
Vertigo Management:
Vertigo is a dysfunction of the inner ear that can create symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Our experienced therapists in that area can provide treatment techniques that are designed to diminish or abolish those symptoms.
Occupational Health @ the Workplace:
We have a physiotherapist (Wayne Hudson) and occupational therapists (Peter Batty and Jane Pierce) who provide support when returning to work. They will liaise with your physiotherapist, case manager and employer to assist your graduated return to work following injury.
Complex Pain Management:
These programmes consist of a physical exercise component and an education component aiming to provide you with tools to manage and continue daily life with ongoing pain.
Exercise rehabilitation that takes place in a pool. This allows those who have difficulty exercising on land to unload their injury while continuing to have a great workout. This can benefit all ages, people of all fitness levels and a range of injuries whether acute, post surgical or chronic pain.
Massage is a form of manual therapy where the soft muscular and connective tissues are pressed, stoked and kneaded by the therapist hands. Massage can aid in relaxation, recovery, improving blood flow and relieving muscular tension.
Specialist Occupational Physician Assessments:
In certain circumstances we are able to refer you to one of two Occupational Specialists. They carry out an in depth medical assessment to determine whether or not return to work is appropriate based on your injury.
If you have any questions or queries regarding any of our services, please feel free to visit or phone any of our clinics. We will be very happy to help you.  


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