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Plus Rehab has a range of quality physiotherapy and medical supplies all available to the public at competitive prices. 
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Terms and Conditions

Privacy and confidentiality

All information collected from you is for the purposes of providing an accurate diagnosis and safe and effective treatment plan.

In accordance with the Privacy Act, unless we have your consent, all information which we collect will be kept confidential. Your records will only be accessed by the physiotherapists providing your care, your referrer, and by those office staff responsible for data processing filing and typing.

Your written permission will be gained before information is given to any other person. Under the privacy act you have the right to read your file and to make any correction to any information which you feel is inaccurate.


You are welcome to bring a support person with you – friend or family member

A second opinion on request

This will be initially with another physiotherapist within the Plus Rehab group of clinics. If requested a peer from another physiotherapy service will be consulted.

An interpreter

In the first instance we ask you to bring a family member or friend to interpret for you. We will do our best to contact interpreter services if needed.

Consent to the treatment

At registration you will be asked to give consent to be examined and after the treatment plan is explained and the goals discussed with you, your consent will again be requested prior to treatment commencing.

Your physiotherapist will give an explanation of your condition and will inform you of the treatment options following examination. This will include any warnings and risks associated with the treatment. You will then agree on treatment goals and outcomes.

Informed consent means that you fully understand what your Physiotherapist plans to do with you and why. It also means that you agree to the terms and conditions of your treatment.

To make a complaint

At Plus Rehab we take all feedback about our services seriously, including complaints. There are a number of ways in which you can make a complaint.

All complaints will be actioned within three [3] working days. When you lodge the complaint you will be asked what action you wish to have taken.

All complaints are documented to allow us to improve on our service, however if you do not wish any action to be taken on the complaint this will also be recorded.

The special complaint registration form is brought to the attention of the Practice Manager or Principal Physiotherapist and a process is followed to provide a satisfactory result for all parties.

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