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Plus Rehab has a range of quality physiotherapy and medical supplies all available to the public at competitive prices. 
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Plus Rehab Performance


Athlete testing, coaching and talent identification technology
Plus Rehab Performance is bringing together Plus Rehab Physiotherapy and Fusion Sport and is set to revolutionise the way Hawke’s Bay athletes train and perform. Using time saving, motivational equipment, suitable to a wide variety of different sporting codes, best practice techniques can be delivered to all athletes every day.
Fusion Sport testing and measuring equipment allows coaches and team managers access to the most accurate, robust and efficient testing and measuring equipment available. Validated tests can used to evaluate speed, agility, quickness, peripheral vision and cardiovascular fitness and more. All data is captured electronically, and made available as required.
Plus Rehab Performance now offers coaches an unparalleled opportunity to optimise training programmes in a functional and engaging way that ensures each individual is able to reach their maximum potential. A wide array of pre-programmed drills and tests are available and can be cutomised if required.

Coupled with Plus Rehab's innovative and detailed physiotherapist assessments, the results from athlete testing can also be used to tailor a specific programme of treatment and corrective exercises for any individual or team. In the event of an injury, Plus Rehab Performance can now monitor every step of the recovery process and accurately determine an athlete's readiness to return to sport. This level of monitoring is unrivalled within Hawke's Bay. 

Plus Rehab Performance, using the techniques of the future to deliver the best athletes of today.

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